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Our offer

What characterizes us?

Play has first priority, because play is important for:

- experience of security and belonging
- sense of mastery
-brain development
-Mental Health
- creativity
- development of social skills that are necessary to be able to be part of social communities

Barna lager mat

Characteristics of the kindergarten:

  • A maximum of 10 children, which is an advantage because children who play naturally organize themselves into smaller groups. If the adults are to be actively supportive in the play, it is important that the group of children is not too large

  • Time to immerse yourself in the game. The employees promote play through the use of: focused attention, time and physical environment and by taking a role in the play

  • Employees with good expertise in play. An inclusive play environment serves as a counterweight to exclusion and bullying. Little shouting and few conflicts between the children

  • A group of children with a high degree of vitality and joy

  • Less stress, no more than 10 children and full-time employees 

  • Fewer close contacts and less risk of infection

  • Kindergarten teacher in 100% position

  • Exciting and varied indoor and outdoor area with plenty of space to play undisturbed

  • Varied physical activity all year round: a separate playroom in the kindergarten and woodland right outside the kindergarten. 

  • The children learn English

Our view

Children have the right to play and children's play is any behaviour, activity or process initiated, controlled and structured by the children themselves; it takes place when and where opportunities arise. Caregivers can help create good environments where play takes place, but play is non-compulsory, driven by internal motivation and undertaken for its own sake, rather than a means to an end (...). The most important characteristics of play are fun, uncertainty, challenge and non-productivity (General Comment No. 17, UN Convention on the Rights of the Child).

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