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The venue

Hallenåsen family kindergarten was started in 2016 and is approved for up to ten children aged 1-6. We are based in Hallenåsen above the center of Heggedal. A quiet place with little traffic and close to the forest.

Inside, we have bright, nice premises with plenty of space. The outdoor area is varied and hilly with a sandbox and playhouse. Right outside the kindergarten, we have a small playground and forest terrain and we can go to the stables.


What we offer

With us, children are allowed to be children. They get time to immerse themselves in the game and in that way develop friendships and creativity. We are an attachment-based kindergarten school.

The children are also learning English. 


The children can stay with us until the start of school. We have open spots from 1 August 2023

Do you want your child to...

-Be included in playtime?


No children excluded from playtime. Research shows that 10-20%  of children in kindergartens experience being excluded from play. We have employees with good expertise in play and inclusion.

-Learn English?

We have an employee who grew up in London and she speaks

only English with the children. This is how children learn English through play

and natural interaction.

-Experience mastery of motor skills?


We do not dampen the children's natural joy of movement. We have a motor room inside and the forest as our nearest neighbor.

-Have contact with animals and nature?


We go to the stables and have a dog in the kindergarten. We are outside every day.

-Be part of a small kindergarten?


We only have ten children and the basic staff consists of two adults

8-10 children. As of today, we have a kindergarten teacher in a 100% position, an educational worker in a 100% position and one in a 60% position.

-The children's fantasy is most important to us

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